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Lead Staff

Jimmie Reed
Owner and Executive Chef

Steven Halstead
General Manager


SErving up Delicious Plates In Mt. AIry Since 2010

University of Florida business degree

Johns and wales cullinary degree

Jimmie Reed opened his first venture in Mt. Airy, Little Jimmie’s Bakery Café, in the summer of 2010. The historic school house location was a community favorite for several years, as neighbor’s loved to gather for sumptuous breakfast and savory lunch sandwiches.

In 2015 Jimmie opened up Little Jimmie’s Coffee Roasters in Maplewood Mall and The Bake House to support the growing capacity needs of his multifaceted restaurant group. Jimmie briefly opened Poquito Jimmie’s, on Germantown Avenue, which he converted into a Pop-Up Kitchen operation that serves up mouth-watering crispy juicy tacos and other street friendly treats.

In 2018 Jimmie’s restaurant group implemented a consolidation and restructuring plan that concentrates efforts on catering for a variety of community and fine dining events. Little Jimmie’s Catering Company is the exclusive catering company for the Brossman Center, located on the Luther Technological Seminary Philadelphia campus at 7301 Germantown Avenue.




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